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MOT Checklist

The following section will give you an indication as to what items will be tested during an MOT and how this is done. The list is only a brief summary of the actual procedures used and not all of the aspects will apply to all cars. Also it should be noted that dis-assembly of any part of the vehicle is not allowed during an MOT test which means that hidden items such as a faulty wheel cylinder cannot be seen or failed.

In The Driver's Seat.

  • Make sure that warning lights are not being displayed (ABS etc)
  • Ensure the Washers are working and the wiper blades are clearing the screen

Outside The Car.

  • Check that all lights are working correctly
  • Ensure the wiper blades are not split or damaged
  • Make a visual check of the tyres to ensure that there is no damage and that there is sufficient tread (minimum 1.6mm)
  • Make sure the oil level is at the correct level