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Ecotaxe On Board Unit Installation.

The French Government is applying a new Ecotaxe (TPLN) on the French National roads as from 1st October 2013. This will affect all freight vehicles that exceed 3.5T, the charges are in bandings and will be determined by the Euro Class of the engine, the higher the engine class the lower the amount you pay. It will also be split into further bandings as per the number of axles and Gross weight

2 Axles <12T
2 Axles >12T
3 Axles

There is only one acceptable form of payment for the Ecotaxe (TPLN) and that will be with an on board unit (OBU) that will need to be hard wired into the vehicle cab, with the OBU box itself displayed in the windscreen of the vehicle.

We are pleased to announce that Husk UK Ltd are now an official partner to Euro Toll and are fully equipped to supply and install On-Board Units (OBUs) that enable commercial vehicles to transit the French National road toll system.

Husk based on the main A2 in Kent just outside the port of Dover are ideally located for International operators. We can install and de-install OBUs whilst drivers wait with sufficient trailer, truck parking and rest facilities.

Installation times will vary dependent on the make and model of your vehicle, however we would advise an approximate installation time of 1.5 Hours.

Installation Fee 100.00

De-Installation Fee 100.00

Prices are excluding VAT

For Booking Please feel free to contact our Workshop Reception

Tel + 44 (0)1304 833 292
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