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1       Warranty will only cover parts supplied and work carried out, it will not extend to failure of related components, subsequent damage or loss caused.

2       Warranty will not apply when rectification work has been carried out without the knowledge or consent of Husk (UK) Ltd, who must on all occasions be given the opportunity to inspect and if necessary carry out rectification work.

3       Warranty will not apply where displaced parts are not made available to Husk in support of any claim.

4       Consequential loss, ie loss of use, recovery, replacement vehicle, accommodation etc, are not covered under any circumstances.

5       Should a warranty be accepted, the amount payable to Husk (UK) Ltd will not exceed the total cost of the original repair invoice.

6       All repairs are warranted for six months from invoice date.  Should a warranty repair be carried out during this period, the warranty expiry remains at six months from original repair not from rectification date.

7       Husk (UK) Ltd reserves the right to arrange independent inspection of any reported failure, whose findings will be accepted by all parties.

8       No claims will be considered unless notified to the company within seven working days of collection of the vehicle.

9       Unless sufficient credit facilities are in place, all work to be paid for before the vehicle may be removed from site.